Too many repairs

Too Many Repairs? No Problem.


Sell Home Without Repairs

Want to sell home without repairs? It has never been easier with Spartan Home Buyers. Do you have a house that needs a lot of work to fix up and sell? Great! Spartan will buy the home as-is.

Avoid the hassle of tracking down a contractor, spending the money, or doing all the work yourself. Spartan pays cash for homes in any condition. And when we say “any” we mean it. Take a look at homes we have purchased, with cash, from our clients.

Too Many Repairs? No Problem!

Spartan Home Buyers has helped sell home without repairs on more than one occasion. This has saved our sellers thousands of dollars and time when they sold their home as-is. Spartan has purchased homes that were in house fires, vacant, condemned, or that have needed cosmetic repairs.

How Much Will Selling As-Is Save Me?

Depending on how many repairs are needed you could save yourself tens of thousands by selling as is. Here are some common repairs and costs  that are needed to bring your home up to market value.

~ New Roof $9,500

~ New Windows $5,500

~ New HVAC install $10,000

~ New Floors $8,000

~ Updated Kitchen $15,000

You can save the hassle of having to identify, pay, and manage a contractor to make these repairs or worse take time off work or spend your free time doing them yourself.

By selling to Spartan Home Buyers, you will save thousands in repairs, closing costs, real estate commissions, and most importantly save yourself time.

Fill out the form or give us a call to receive an offer for your home. It only takes a few minutes to get started.

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