Our mission is to “Improve Lives through Real Estate.” We buy houses fast, we work through title issues and help distressed sellers.


To become a respected real estate company who partners with sellers of all types to create a stress-free selling experience, with our buyers getting quality homes at fair prices. Our business partners benefit from investment opportunities in a wide range of properties and have the ability to grow their businesses working with us. At our core, our focus is to increase the prosperity of everyone connected to us. All while having fun!


At Spartan, we live by our core values. They are what keep us on the straight and narrow. They enable us to make the right decision when the wrong decision is much easier.  Our values are not just fancy four syllable words some consultant put up on the wall. Our values are a set of actions that when taken improve the lives of everyone we interact with. 

  1. Develop personal relationships with everyone we do business with
  2. Care deeply about improving the lives of our partners
  3. Treat everyone with respect
  4. Be passionate and determined
  5. Be steadfast in adhering to our Mission